Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats: All available cheat code list

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats

Hey guys we are back with the new article. This article about red dead redemption 2. If you’re looking for red dead redemption 2 cheats. You came to the right place. Then no need more talks. Let’s see what is the red dead redemption 2

What is the red dead redemption 2?

Red dead redemption 2 is the world-famous video game. it is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games. This game designed for PlayStation 4 Xbox One and released on 26th of October in 2018. This game based on author morgan, member of the Van der Linde gang. He is dealing with the decline of the wild west. Red dead include hunting, horseback ridings, shootouts, heists. And the most interesting thing, red dead features are both single-player and online multiplayer Another important case in this game horses are the main way of transportation. Hunting animal is major role in the game. When you’re hunting you need to take into account several factors.

Is there any red dead redemption 2 cheats?

We already know what are the cheat codes and still you haven’t idea about it please read our previous articles. Then you will get a good idea about that. Actually there are many ways to cheating in red dead redemption 2. There are cheats such as wallhacks, aimbots, money, gold exploits, modded controllers and also this includes cheat codes. By these cheats, you can make your west journey easily.

How can get red dead redemption 2  cheats?

Most people use cheat codes without knowing about that. They found it randomly. It means that cheat codes, not safety. But there is one safe method to find cheats codes. It is buying newspapers head to Valentine, Saint denis, Blackwater, Hanover gazette from the newspaper seller in the city. Those newspapers not very expensive. But that cheats code lock-off depending on your progress and first of all, you have to finish the campaign. After picking newspaper flip it and zoom it into the bottom of the paper on your newspaper has to cheat code it has little tagline with contains a phase. You have to type it to unlock the corresponding cheat code.

How to enter cheat codes in red dead redemption 2?

Activating cheats codes of red dead redemption 2 is very easy. Firstly we are getting the main menu then get the settings tab then you will see bottom right corner “cheats”. After that tap the triangle to navigate that screen. Then you will see a blank list, and again tap triangle then opens up a text box to type the phrases you have to find in your journey.

Cheat codes

Those are the red dead redemption 2 cheat codes we’ve provided to you. When you’re using these cheat codes, capitalization is not a very important thing but the most important thing is punctuation is required to work your entering code. Most of the coeds can be entered at any point but few of them required that purchase the newspaper. Then, Here are the cheats codes for you,

Cheat code Cheat effect
Abundance is the dullest desireit gives Arthur infinite ammunition (purchase newspaper from chapter 1 onwards)
A simple life, a beautiful deathThis gives Arthur a set of basic weapons
Greed is American virtueGives Arthur a set of heavy weapons (purchase the newspaper After completing advertising)
Death is silenceIt gives Arthur a set of stealth weapons
History is written by foolsGives to Arthur the gunslinger side mission weapons
You long for sight and see nothingremoves fog of war from the map (purchase newspaper after completing blood feuds in chapter 3)
Greed is now a virtuegives Arthur $500
Vanity. All is vanityinstantly unlocks all in-game outfits
Eat of KnowledgeTeaches Arthur every crafting recipe
ShareUnlocks every camp upgrade
Virtue unearned is not virtueGives Arthur maximum honor ( purchase newspaper after completing urban pleasure in chapter 4 )
You revel in your disgrace, I seeGives Arthur a minimum honour
Be greedy only for foresightgives Arthur to infinite dead eye
The lucky be strong evermoregives Arthur infinite stamina (purchase newspaper after completing chapter 5)
Guide me betterDeadeye level 1
Make me betterDeadeye level 2
I shall be betterDeadeye level 3
I still seek more Deadeye level 4
I seek and I find Deadeye level 5
Seek all the bounty of this placepermanently increase Arthur ‘s health
You flourish before you dieFills Arthur ‘s health
My kingdom is a horseincreases arthur’s horse bonding level
Better than my dogcall Arthur ‘s horse from any range
A fool on commandpiles Arthur with alcohol includes drunkness
Run! Run! Run!Spawns a racehorse
You are a beast built for warspawns a warhorse (purchase newspaper after completing the epilogue)
You want more than you havespawns a superior horse
You want something newspawns a stagecoach
The best of the old ways spawns a stagecoach
Keep your dreams simplespawns a wagon
Keep your dreams lightspawns a horse-drawn buggy
Would you be happier as clownspawns a circus wagon (purchase newspaper after completing the epilogue )
You want punishmentgives Arthur a wanted level
You want freedomdrops Arthur ‘s wanted level
You want everyone to go awayremoves Arthur ‘s notoriety

So,You can use these kinds of cheat codes and win your game. So, we will meet in the next article. You can also read about the cheats for gta 5, pubg paid cheats, mount and blade warband cheats overwatch aimbots and more on this website.

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