PUBG Review 2019

PUBG as known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, on of the best mobile game on the world since 2017.He sold millions before his early access was left on steam, and the madness of the Battle Royale games we now enjoy began. Not long ago, this FBS monster landed on mobile.

In PUBG you play as a mercenary who parachutes to an island with a further 99 soldiers. Once they land, players will search for weapons. Ammunition, armor, and other items in a death match with the last man. The game’s map starts to get bigger. But it quickly shrinks as the thunderstorms around the island get smaller and smaller. Forcing players to unite as the game progresses.

It’s a simple concept that has a lot of room for complexity. You are landing on an island with 99 people, only with your fists. Find a weapon and stay in the circle. The last standing victory. Is it worth playing? We would love to find it in this PUBG Mobile Review.


The mobile version of PUBG has almost all the features of its PC number, with a few exceptions. The game only provides an original map of the abandoned island of PUBG, Erangel, 8 km x 8 km from Eastern Europe. From the PC version of the map, from the abandoned military base to the burned nuclear power station. The mobile version of the game has reached.

Here are all the weapons, equipment and vehicles available when PUBG leaves early access. The weapons included in their absence, like the second map of the game, Miramar.

pubg mobile

The game is absolutely free. You can log in as a guest to play or via Facebook. Games and daily login rewards allow you to gain experience on your account and battle points. Which you can spend on boxes with random costumes for your character. Unlike the PC version, you don’t start with any available outfits, but it doesn’t take long to get at least a pair of pants.

Although the PC version options are not many, pairing works very quickly when queued up in team, doubles, or individual mode. Creating a unique custom fit is not yet possible. There is a menu option to create a “room”, but it seems to create chat rooms. And, it still doesn’t seem to really work.

Although attachment issues are very common, I don’t have to wait long to pair with a team. Every team I’ve played has had at least one player cut off at the beginning of the game. I never played any connection issues when I played, but most of the games weren’t even answered by at least one team player.

The game also has a built-in voice chat, which works. Although it seems that most players only use their phone’s speaker to microphone. If you have a microphone at the bottom of the phone, as usual, the players’ palms will get more irritated when rubbing against it.


What makes PUBG the most attractive PC game is more or less lost in the mobile version. The lights and particle effects that really sell the look of the game have been eliminated, probably for good reason. Such components are highly needed for hardware. The result is a very bland-looking hobby. The terrain, characters, and weapons look more or less the same as the PC version, with only darker settings and lower resolution.

The game worked fairly stable on my LG G6, but it certainly had a fair amount of issues. I wouldn’t recommend playing something older than that. I tried loading the game into its minimal iOS option. The iPhone 5s, and locked it before loading the main menu each time. I imagine there will be many difficulties for Android phones of similar age.

The regular game worked well most of the time. There have always been serious falls in the frame rate when parachuting to the island, but that is not entirely shocking. It was cleared as soon as I landed, the game no longer had to represent the entire island.

The audio is terrible. In most versions of PUBG, it is important to know the location of the enemy to hear the direction and magnitude of the sounds, such as shots and steps. It is very difficult to tell this information in the mobile version. The steps were particularly strong and everything was almost the same for me. Wherever they were, when someone was 15 or 20 feet away from me, everything was the same. Everything was bad.


It would be great if PUBG could truly recreate the geography of the mobile island and allow you to use all the weapons and drive all the cars of the original game, but if the controls are not equal, everything will fall apart.

Just to be clear: the controls on PUBG Mobile are not as good or accurate as the PC version.

The game uses virtual joysticks for player movement and camera control, and a large button with a bullet to the right shoots its weapon. At first it sounds a little awkward, but in fact it feels very fluid after some games.

The game also offers a variety of control options to make everything feel a little better and free from the osmosis of searching for buttons you can’t find by touching. A floating fire button that moves the space where your thumb last touched, making the shot as easy as touching where your finger is, without changing your hand to reach the shooter. The elements are collected and sorted and automatically fitted into the game, which reduces the difficult management of the menu. This game also offers gyro control options, which I haven’t experienced, but some people promise.


You do not need to calculate the distance to PUBG Mobile. Part of that is due to the addition of bots in the first level, which allows you to get acquainted with the restrictions of the game, which is usually very punitive, without being completely inconvenient to its difficulty. Even so, the game’s sloppy controls make for a much more relaxed and less tense experience. I think it’s a shame.

What makes PUBG so good for PCs is the tension between the cat and the rat, and the need to systematically reach the center of the map, not knowing where the next enemy will appear. This is a kind of shooting experience that is very different from most games, and most of it is not on PUBG Mobile.

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